DIY: Moon Phases Banner

Fall is my favorite time of year and to celebrate I'd like to share this DIY Moon Phases banner how-to! Below is a little bit about the inspiration for this banner and step-by-step instructions for creating your own OR you can purchase the DIY kit from my etsy shop that includes a matching gift/storage box.


Usually around this time of year I'll start brainstorming Halloween costume ideas with visions of werewolves and vampires dancing in my head. In August around the time of the Solar Eclipse, I created a simple Halloween banner with 3-D bats and abstract moons in classic Halloween colors (black and orange) reminiscent of some amazing vintage paper Halloween decorations I researched online.  


it was that banner was a springboard for this simple, festive banner, which celebrates the eight key lunar phases. Sometimes you never really know what idea will lead to the next! I've always been curious about the relationship between humankind, the moon, and the tides - also traditions and beliefs centered around the moon. The moon's cycle for me is a reminder of constant flux.

"Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away." - Frida Kahlo

Moon Phases DIY Banner Kit Instructions

Supplies needed:

  • 2" and 1" circle punches

  • Black, orange, white cardstock (65lb or thinner is recommended) 

  • Glue stick

  • Bone folder or alternative*

  • Cotton string (~72" long)

  • Ruler (optional)

*Use the edge of a comb, the side of a marker, or side of a thick plastic ruler.



1. Punch circles from cardstock:

  • White: 8, 2" circles, 8, 1" circles
  • Black: 8, 2" circles
  • Orange: 8, 2" circles

Fold all orange and black circles in half (one at a time). Set aside white ones for later - the white ones will be used for the backside and for gluing to the string.

Use a bone folder or alternative to make a crisp folded edge after folding.


2. Glue halves of two circles together to create a ‘flap’ according to these combinations:

  • Six black with orange

  • One black with black

  • One orange with orange

You’ll end up with 8 ‘moons’, each representing a moon phase.


3. Glue each of the moons to a big white circle with the middle ‘flap’ facing up.


4. Using the moon phases diagram inside the package, arrange moons in order from left to right with the black side of each facing the direction in the diagram (black sides facing left or right). Lay out moons in order from left to right in two rows to match diagram with the flaps oriented vertically.

The all black moon is the 1st in the 8 (New moon), the all orange is the 5th (Full moon).


Moon phases (left to right, top row to bottom row):

New moon, Waxing crescent, First quarter, Waxing gibbous, Full moon, Waning gibbous, Third quarter, Waning crescent.

5. Fold string in half, use your finger as a placeholder in the center and and lay string on a flat surface. Place brown circle in the center with the string underneath it - string should be closer to the top edge of the circle than the middle. Start with either the 4th moon to the left of the brown circle or the 5th moon (Full moon) to the right).

Fold the flap to one side before the next step.


You’ll work from the center outwards, using the brown circle as a ruler to evenly space the moons along the string as you glue them one at a time.

6. You’ll need both hands for this part! Add glue to a small white circle first, you’ll need it in a second. Pick up the moon that you placed next to the brown circle while holding the string in place horizontally across the back (perpendicular to the ‘flap’). Hold with both hands and flip over the moon so the backside is facing up and string stays in place while you set it down. Pick up the small circle with glue on it, and place it glue side down onto the string and back side of the moon, in the center so it almost touches the top edge of the moon. Try to ensure the string stays horizontal before pressing down on the small circle solidifying the glue bond.


Flip the moon back over and repeat this step the other moons and use brown circle to help space them evenly. Allow a few mins to dry!

7. Finish by folding the middle pieces according to the moon phases diagram. Tie loops at each end of the string for hanging (Optional).


Hang and admire your handcrafted moon phase banner!

*pat yourself on the back*

I hope you had fun making your banner and thanks for crafting with me!

Enjoy! Share your photos with the hashtag #ashdel on Instagram or facebook and share with others who you think would enjoy this tutorial!

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