Design Inspiration & Process

Textile Jewelry from Vintage Sewing Notions

Vintage textiles are at the heart of the design process and inspire limited collections. Fabric trims, threads, and fasteners traditionally used in garment making are repurposed and meticulously handcrafted into artful treasures.

Inspired by the yoyo quilting technique, mini yoyos are the foundation of each piece. Yoyo quiltmaking was popular during the 1920s-40s when resources were scarce. Leftover bits of scrap material were cut into circles, hand stitched around the perimeter, and gathered in the center to create rosettes. The yoyos were then sewn together into rows to create a quilt. The name yoyo also coincided with the release of the yo-yo toy from Duncan Toy Co.

Limited collections are sewn by hand and created in small batches. Vintage fabric trims and fasteners are collected from sewing boxes found in vintage, antique, quilting, and creative reuse shops both locally and throughout the United States. Each collection is an act of resourcefulness where fabric scraps from the past are reimagined into jewels, continuing their story with the wearer.

Woven Jewelry

Each pair of Ashdel signature woven stud earrings is meticulously handcrafted from vintage specialty threads (silks, wools, and metallics) using a cord braiding technique kumihimo (Japanese for 'gathered threads'). After the threads are woven into cords they are tightly coiled and sewn with needle and thread onto earring posts. No glue is used.

Inspired by the creation and history of hand woven cords and the marriage of function and beauty (from monks creating them as a form of meditation, to securing samurai armor and binding kimonos, to adorning temples), the woven studs are a reminder of inner strength and beauty.


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