Design Inspiration & Process

Woven Jewelry

Each pair of Ashdel signature woven stud earrings is meticulously handcrafted from a variety of specialty threads (silks, metallics, wools, velvets) using a cord braiding technique kumihimo (Japanese for 'gathered threads'). Woven cords are tightly coiled and securely sewn by hand onto posts. No glue is used.

Inspired by the creation of hand woven cords, often by monks as a form of meditation, and the marriage of function (securing armor, binding kimonos) and beauty (adorning temples, binding kimonos), the woven studs are a reminder of our inner strength and beauty. Variations of the braided technique are expressed in simple metallics, playful fringe, and color block designs.  

Limited Textile Jewelry Collections

Limited collections are created from vintage and repurposed fabrics in small batches. Fabric remnants are sourced from vintage, antique, quilting, and creative reuse shops both locally and throughout the United States. Each collection is an exercise in resourcefulness where fabric scraps from the past are reimagined into lightweight jewels, continuing their story with the wearer.